Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Cane 50 Mile Trail Run

A few of us headed down to South Carolina for a low key 50 mile trail run called Long Cane. Sarah and I rode down together while Wendy, Mark, Yoli and Warren went down a bit earlier on Friday the day before the race. Our friends Kris, Randy and Roxanne met us down there that night.

Myself, Sarah and Warren ran together for the first few miles of the run and while Warren and I decided to hold steady with the pace we were running and Sarah powered on ahead.The rest of our group was behind us except for Randy who had taken off at a fairly fast pace from the gate. The course was rolling and non-technical... a great place to set a PR no doubt. Warren and I kept steady and made it to the turn around where I changed shoes and grabbed some nutrition. We had seen Sarah right before the turn around and she was moving pretty well. We also saw Randy and he was slowed to a walk and not feeling so good from stomach issues. Later we found out he dropped at the turn around.

Sooo... then things get complicated for Warren and I. On the way back the course was not clearly marked and Warren and I took the wrong way back to the finish. We sorta knew it was wrong since there was no aid stations and we ran out of fluids. Not a good thing... for sure! We kept going hoping we would find our way out... AND we did. Unfortunately for us... it was just a shade under 50 miles, but even more unfortunate for the finishers of the run... they ended up getting over 50 miles as the director had under estimated mileage. Everyone there wearing a GPS was showing anywhere from 53-56 miles.

The aid stations were well stocked and volunteers did a great job, but I was very disappointed in the course markings and inaccurate mileage. Hopefully it is something the director of the run can get straightened out by next year. I would love to go back and give it another go.

Sarah ended up coming in as 1st female and I think 3rd overall... which was strong. Wendy, Yoli and Warren all ended up running their longest distances ever as well!

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