Saturday, May 15, 2010

Twisted Ankle 1/2 Marathon

On Saturday May 15th I headed down to Summerville GA for the Twisted Ankle 1/2 Marathon. Sarah Woerner rode down with me so she could watch the race since there were others from Chattanooga going down to race as well.

This really isn't my distance race, but It is a well organized event and I just really wanted to race this weekend! I could have opted for the full trail marathon had I not already committed to doing the Scenic City Trail Marathon the next weekend.

The race starts going around a small lake and then meanders into the woods shortly after. Within the first 2.5-3 miles you begin to climb a huge ridge. It feels like you are going to the sun due to the steepness. I really thought about dropping out during this climb, but once I got to the top I decided to give it a go. I must have felt better as I was able to pick it up a bit. I stayed consistent the rest of the race. Approaching the finish line I learned I was 3rd overall female. Not bad for someone who despises shorter race distances... LOL! Good friend Mark Mason was already in and waiting at the finish line.

Now we would wait on Yoli Bell and Wendy Oates. Unfortunately... Yoli took a wrong turn

and ended up running a 17 miler and was DQ'ed. We like to joke with her that she was the winner of the 17 mile race. All jokes aside.. she would have schooled the other females on the course had she stayed the right path. Wendy came in with a smile on her face and finished up very strong thru the chute!

I just love my trail running friends! : )

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Kay said...

Hi Dreama,

I just came across your Twisted Ankle Half review. I think I may have been trotting along behind you for a significant stretch of the race? If I've got it right and it was you, I think you lost me at the turn around aid station as I refilled with ice and tucked into some gummi bears and you carried on trucking. :D

It was my first half marathon and I ended up "doing a Yoli" too and also got some extra credit miles. I like to think that maybe next year I can do the full and see if I can't turn it into an ultra. ;)

My journal entry:

Anyway, that was a fun trail run and I just wanted to leave a comment as I came across this review and then enjoyed reading your blog entries and peeking in on your adventures. Good stuff.