Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scenic City Trail Marathon

On Saturday May 22nd I drove up to Raccoon Mountain for a local race that is tons of fun... The Scenic City Trail Marathon. This year's race would bring some stiff competition since the field had been greatly expanded in comparison to last year.

I knew going into this race that my fitness wasn't quite as good as last year, but it just wouldn't have been right to miss this event. Last year I was 2nd overall female and had a stellar race. This year the goal was to finish up not feeling completely wasted.

The first loop went pretty well and the pace was spot on. Then... comes the second loop... I accidentally lost all of my endurolytes. Apparently when they fall out of the bag and encounter sweat... they disintegrate!!! BUMMER. Shortly after this... I fell apart on the switch backs before the visitor's center. This is where Leslie and Sergio would pass me and go on to finish up with strong times.

I was never so glad to see that finish line! My time was off from last year's time by 14 minutes! OUCH!

All in all a good day with great friends. I just feel lucky to be healthy enough to run these distances and hang out with such awesome trail peeps! : )

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