Saturday, May 29, 2010

McMinnville Triathlon

Early on Saturday May 29th myself, Trey, and Xian headed over to the McMinnville Triathon in McMinnville TN. It is a sprint triathlon that is loads of fun before, during and after the race.

This year I would go to support a good friend and client... Nik Meeks. It would be his first triathlon. Not to mention... this distance race was good for me so I could remember what it is like to race short and faster distances in the world of triathlon. In addition to myself racing... Xian would participate in the Small Fry Tri.

The swim is a 200 meter pool swim. I'm okay with that as this pool in enormous and gives plenty of room for swimming in a TT start format. The bike is an 11 mile trek on rollers and is for the most part pretty fast. The run is a 2 mile fast course with only slight rollers.

I finished up 6th overall female and 2nd in my age group. Not bad for me since my short distance triathloning has been a thing of the past for a while now. These short ones are good for keeping me on my toes!

Nik finished up quite well also. I was so proud of him for doing his first tri ever!!! Next is the Waterfront Triathlon for him! Others from Chattanooga included Truman Smith and Charlie (in the picture above).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scenic City Trail Marathon

On Saturday May 22nd I drove up to Raccoon Mountain for a local race that is tons of fun... The Scenic City Trail Marathon. This year's race would bring some stiff competition since the field had been greatly expanded in comparison to last year.

I knew going into this race that my fitness wasn't quite as good as last year, but it just wouldn't have been right to miss this event. Last year I was 2nd overall female and had a stellar race. This year the goal was to finish up not feeling completely wasted.

The first loop went pretty well and the pace was spot on. Then... comes the second loop... I accidentally lost all of my endurolytes. Apparently when they fall out of the bag and encounter sweat... they disintegrate!!! BUMMER. Shortly after this... I fell apart on the switch backs before the visitor's center. This is where Leslie and Sergio would pass me and go on to finish up with strong times.

I was never so glad to see that finish line! My time was off from last year's time by 14 minutes! OUCH!

All in all a good day with great friends. I just feel lucky to be healthy enough to run these distances and hang out with such awesome trail peeps! : )

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Twisted Ankle 1/2 Marathon

On Saturday May 15th I headed down to Summerville GA for the Twisted Ankle 1/2 Marathon. Sarah Woerner rode down with me so she could watch the race since there were others from Chattanooga going down to race as well.

This really isn't my distance race, but It is a well organized event and I just really wanted to race this weekend! I could have opted for the full trail marathon had I not already committed to doing the Scenic City Trail Marathon the next weekend.

The race starts going around a small lake and then meanders into the woods shortly after. Within the first 2.5-3 miles you begin to climb a huge ridge. It feels like you are going to the sun due to the steepness. I really thought about dropping out during this climb, but once I got to the top I decided to give it a go. I must have felt better as I was able to pick it up a bit. I stayed consistent the rest of the race. Approaching the finish line I learned I was 3rd overall female. Not bad for someone who despises shorter race distances... LOL! Good friend Mark Mason was already in and waiting at the finish line.

Now we would wait on Yoli Bell and Wendy Oates. Unfortunately... Yoli took a wrong turn

and ended up running a 17 miler and was DQ'ed. We like to joke with her that she was the winner of the 17 mile race. All jokes aside.. she would have schooled the other females on the course had she stayed the right path. Wendy came in with a smile on her face and finished up very strong thru the chute!

I just love my trail running friends! : )

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gulf Coast 1/2 Ironman Triathlon

On May 6th we headed down to Panama City for the Gulf Coast 1/2 Ironman Triathlon. It's definitely one of my favorite races every year even though I am rarely 100% ready for it. I always say I'm gonna be trained and ready, but I am usually lacking in swim and bike fitness no matter what.

We arrived to the beach that Thursday so we had time to play and enjoy ourselves before the race on Saturday. Shell Island is most always on the "to do" list. The rest of the time we hung out on the beach and pool. It was very nice indeed.

Race day came and and I took off with my swim wave for a very rough swim. It was like being in a washing machine and there were breakers as far as the eye could see. Later I found out that many folks were drug off course and some even threw up once they reached shore.
The bike went very well for me... which was nice. I didn't have much bike time on the legs so I was more than happy with my split here. Many complained about winds, but it really didn't seem to bother me all that much.

The run was overcast for the first half. This made things a bit more tolerable compared to the sun beating down and ungodly heat. Somehow I turned in a decent run split, but I could have gone a bit harder and left too much in the tank afterwards. Later I would learn that I was 10th in my age group. Had I known I was going to be on the podium... I would have tried to earn a better spot... LOL!!!

Many others from Chattanooga were there and all of them placed nicely in the race. Kevin Boucher took 7th overall and 2nd in his age group. John O'Brien and John Wiygul both took home 1st in age group and Lance Steele walked away with a nice age group award as well.

Good times with great friends for sure. It's just a shame that the oil spill may ruin any future trips to the Gulf Coast. Those are some of the most beautiful beached in the United States.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

3 State 3 Mountain

The first weekend in May is always 3 State 3 Mountain here in Chattanooga. It is a bicyle ride with 3 options for distance. There is a 25, 62 or 100 mile to choose from. This year I would opt for the 62 mile since my legs had hardly any bike fitness to date.

I arrived to the start of the event and met up with several teammates and friends. I was proud to be riding with my fellow VeloVixens and flying the colors that day. Most of us stayed together until the 62 mile split. I happily went my own way, but sent the other girls on their way with encouraging words! There was no doubt they would easily make the 100 in style.
Here is the event's website should you ever decide to do this event. It is very well supported and the course is beautiful as well.

My good friend Jim Johnson was the title sponsor this year as well and puts on some great bicycle tours in Europe.