Sunday, March 14, 2010

Land Between the Lakes 60K

One week after doing Mount Cheaha 50K... I decided that I had better keep the momentum up and decided to sign up for another long trail race. This time I thought I'd give a 50 miler a shot at the Land Between the Lakes Trail Race in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. There were several bail-out options along the way if I felt sick or had a relapse of the sinus stuff that had been haunting me now for sometime. Distances available on this course include 23K, Marathon, 60K and 50 mile.

Luckily... I was able to sucker Trey and Lance into going up and suffering with me for this one. Also... Rock/Creek Race Team member Sal Coll came up joined in on the suffer fest too. Little did I know that I would have a relapse with the sinus crud and several bathroom breaks along the way!

We started the race just as it was getting light out. It was cold and the air was damp. The first mile or two of the race is on asphalt (not my favorite way to start a trail race), but then you are dumped onto nice single track trail used mostly for mountain biking. The trails reminded me of the trails we have here at over at Booker T... same set-up really... lakes, rollers, chirt... very reminiscent indeed. The course consisted of loops of 11.3miles each. The 60K being 3 loops and the 50 miler being 4 loops. Lance and Sal were off and running hard from the beginning. Trey and I took about a mile to warm-up and then started moving faster. The first loop I felt really good and we ran super fast. The first half of the second loop was fast too... until I had a little relapse with the sinus crud and then two bathroom breaks. Trey was so frustrated with me.. AND I was frustrated with me too! Some things just weren't "synced" up that day! The third loop was the deal breaker... With two more bathroom breaks.. I knew that a fourth lap and a 50 mile finish were not to be on this day for me. Trey and I agreed that I would roll in with a 60K finish instead. Still... nothing to sneeze at, right? : )

We rolled in with a 60k finish time of 7:01 and I ended up being 6th overall female. Not bad for a sick chick... I guess... LOL. A few minutes later we found Lance and learned that he had snatched a 3rd overall finish for the 60k! WOW... how awesome is that?! Another few minutes later we bumped into Sal and found out that he too... had dropped to the 60K due to feeling not so well.

I feel like the year has had a REAL slow start for me in comparision to last year. I've been plagued with one thing or the other, but I refuse to let these things keep me down and will continue to work hard and overcome them!


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