Thursday, December 24, 2009

What was I thinking???

You'd think enough is enough for me in 2009, but oh no... I just had to push it ONE MORE TIME... so I decided to give the Lookout Mtn 100K a go after arriving home from Ironman just two weeks before. I mean.. IT IS a great local race with an outstanding venue. Can you spell DISASTER waiting to happen?!!

It was COLD, wet and foggy that morning..... and I... against my better judgement... lined up for the race. The race had already been scaled back to a 50miler due to weather conditions and some issues with the Land Trust. Maybe I should have taken that as a sign, but OH NO! The first few miles went okay and I even lead the women's race for a bit. I thought I felt a little tired, but hoped that it would pass. Things were going pretty well and I was second place female until around mile 18-19. And ugh... MY BODY REBELED!!! From there to mile 23 was a complete struggle. It was all I could do to walk at times. What was I thinking trying to do this 100K right after Ironman and all the other stuff I did in 2009!? It finally all caught up with me. I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later... AND IT DID!

I quit at mile 23 with a smile on my face. Yep... I was actually okay with quitting. Let's face it... 2009 was a pretty amazing year for me. I am a happy camper and glad to announce that I'll be taking the next couple of weeks off!!!

Gonna chalk this one up as my "stupid moment" for 2009! : )