Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ironman Louisville

Sooo... I've been pretty quiet on here lately. Guess it's time for an update as I previously stated I'd do. The latest news is that I did indeed become an Ironman for the 3rd time on August 31st! A recap of the race is below... If you care to read.

Before the race:

Before the race Trey, Xian and I drove up to Louisville on Friday. We jetted over to the expo once we arrived and picked up my race packet and did a little shopping. The next morning we returned to the race site on the river and did the bike drop-off, transition bag drop-off and took care of some odds and ends. We also decided to rent a neat little bicycle for 3 or 4 persons to tool around on. Wow.. what a great way to see the city and riverfront area.

Raceday... the swim:

The swim always makes me nervous. It's not my favorite leg... and for those who know me well... know that I don't really log in the time I should for this discipline.

The swim start actually took place about 1 mile up the river from the race site. It was a long walk and there was a bit of chill in the air. I had on a jacket and my new compression socks for added warmth before I needed to hand them off to Trey. Since this race is set-up as a Time Trial Start.. the wait was rather long... so it took a while before I was in the water. Once in the water I felt pretty calm and my stroke felt good too, but the swim felt so long and I kept wondering if I would ever finish! The water was dirty and smelled of gasoline and diesel fuel... ugh... so polluted. First and last time I'll intentionally swim in the Ohio River. Boy was I glad to be out of that water!

The bike:

The bike went down about like I figured it would. I felt good for the most part and had a low spot around mile 75-80. Tried to stay positive and kept telling myself it would pass. Shortly after this... I stopped for a bathroom break and when I got back onto the bike... I felt like a new person. The rest of the miles were mostly pleasant and uneventful. I will say that the bike course was beautiful. It was much Hillier than I thought it would be, but the pastures and horse farms were stunning along the way. Around mile 100 my right hip started to bother me... soo... when I got off the bike at mile 112... I was more than ready for the run.

The run:

Running was actually something I looked forward to as I was ready for a new position after the long bike. Miles 1-4 were pretty fast and I felt so good. Trey saw me around mile 4 and ask me "What are you doing?! You are running 8min pace.. that is crazy!" After he said this to me.. I figured I might wanna back-off a bit before I run out of energy. I did back-off a bit and stayed strong for the most part, but there were ups and downs along the way. When I got tired... I would do a really fast power walk until running seemed okay again. When I hit mile 24.. I knew I was going to set a personal record and I began to speed up. From mile 25 to 26 I ran in at 7min pace to finish up the race. WOW! I had beat my best IM time by nearly 30mins!

After the race:

Man.. I was tired, but felt decent. I was in alot better shape than most people around me... so I was thankful. Trey and Xian were waiting on me at the finish line and had cheered me on throughout the day. I am so lucky to have such a supportive family!

The next morning we meandered over to the expo to pick-up some finisher's items. After that we headed south and stopped at the Lost River Cave for some touristy type stuff... then we were on our way back home.

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