Monday, September 21, 2009

Adventures in Austria....

Three days after Ironman I loaded myself up on a plane and flew into the Munich Airport in Germany. Once there... my good friend Jim was waiting for me at the airport. We then took a train to the city of Salzburg in Austria and the adventure week had begun! The next day we were joined by three others (Karen, Rebecca & Cathi) in Leogang.

My first day in Leogang consisted of a trail run followed by a nice dinner with the others. I was in awe over the beautiful scenery.

The second day in Leogang all the girls went on a guided mountain bike adventure with Martin from Bikepark Leogang. I wasn't sure how the post Ironman legs would hold up during this ride, but somehow... I made it.

The third day the group met in Zell am See for some hiking and trail running. Jim had rented a guide for the day to help navigate the trail. We mostly hiked to the first peak... the Maurerkogel. Myself and Cathi ended up spliting from the group and did a little running to another peak... the Oberer Gernkogel. The views were stunning from those peaks!

The Fourth day the whole group went for a touring bike ride. This ride turned out to be quite an adventure as we weaved in and out of

little towns along the way. Every now and then we would even stop to pet animals. At one point we even stopped and toured some caves. What a great way to see Austria!

The fifth day the whole group went to see the Zum Krimmler Wasserfall (the Waterfall in Krimml). We along with our bikes were shuttled to Krimml. After viewing the waterfalls Karen and I made our way back to the city of Zell am See on our bikes where we would meet the rest of our group for dinner. Another day of weaving in and out of little towns and sight seeing! Awesome!

The sixth day I opted to do another guided mountain bike ride along with Cathi. The rest of the group stayed to play at the bikepark. Our ride took us to another peak called the Hundstein. A climb that took us to nearly 7,000ft elevation. The locals say it is the highest peak in which you can reach via mountian bike. WOW... my post Ironman legs felt this for sure! There were times I wondered if I'd even make it to the top! Unfortunately for me... I had no real nutrition for the day.... so that along with being tired from my event were not a good thing. Lesson learned... Always take your own nutrition from home. Chances of finding the proper nutrition that work for you in a foriegn country are slim to none!

After putting in a grueling ride the day before... Jim and I headed for the Eisreisenwelt (Ice Caves) in Werfen. AMAZING... that one word about sums it up. Beautiful ice formations inside a massive cave. It ws downright COLD in there too! Getting to the cave was not easy either. We had to purchase tickets.. then walk to the lift... then once off the lift we had to walk to the entrance of the cave. I was hoping to have pictures from the inside of the cave, but photos were not allowed inside.

The next day we loaded all our stuff up and headed back to Salzburg for a day in the city and then dinner with Jim's dear Austrian friends Christian and Claudia. Karen and I did mucho shopping and Jim took the other girls for some sightseeing. The place we stayed in that night was a very swank 450 year old hotel gone modern... The Art Hotel.

Sunday morning I was up at 4:00am to catch my shuttle to the Munich Airport. Goodbye Austria... till next time!


Camille B. said...

I'm so in awe of you and all you ultamarathoners/ironmen/crazy-distance runners!! I stumbled on your blog while updating my own blog about my feeble efforts to run 5k's in each of the 50 states. Keep having fun!

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