Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scenic City Trail Marathon

On Saturday I lined up for the Scenic City Trail Marathon. This would be my 3rd race for the month. I had no real expectations for myself... just wanted to use this race as a solid training run.

Sergio and I agreed to run as much of the race together as possible. We started about 3/4 of the way back in the field and quickly realized we were going to have to work our way up. The first lap went pretty well and we were able to pass alot of folks. We also ran about half of the first lap with Randy Whorton and Doug Dooley. Hanging with them really pumped me up! The second lap got a little more interesting.... Sergio took a few tumbles on the trail and eventually had to fall back. I kept trucking and was very surprised when I overtook Natalie Sims on the trail. She is way strong and must have been having a bad day out there is all I could figure. After passing Natalie I ran with a couple of guys who ended up passing me by.... at this point I was running solo until I ran up on Brenda Simril. Brenda turned and saw me and quickly speed up! This went on for a good 20mins or so until I couldn't keep her in sight anymore.

At the last aid station Kris Whorton told me that I was 2nd overall female and all I could think is "legs... please don't stop now!" Brenda ended up with first overall female and I rolled in with a time of 3:58 and a placement of second overall female. WOW.... I even beat my best road marathon time.. ON THE TRAIL!!!!

Now... let's see how the Sweet H20 50K goes next weekend!

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