Monday, March 30, 2009

River Gorge Trail Race (10.2 miles)... Push on.....

Saturday Trey and I ran the River Gorge Trail Race. the weather was rainy and foggy as you can see in some of the posted pictures.

(Trey and I after the race)

We had a goal of 1:45, but with a very slippery rock garden, wet & muddy course and the lack of umph in my legs I turned in a time of 1:48-1:49ish. Still waiting on results to be posted to record the "official" time. Looks like I was 7th or 8th overall female.

The creeks were flowing quite nicely. Trying to keep shoes dry was a joke! I ran right through the first one and kept plowing through all of them the entire course. A year ago I would have searched for other ways to get around these very same creeks to avoid getting wet, but after a season of ultra marathons with not so great weather conditions.... I am forever changed and have a whole new mindset on this topic!

(overall women 1. Jan Gautier, 2. Heather Stone, 3. Brenda Simiril)

After this race I am motivated to get faster on the trail. I'm pushing myself out of comfort zones to obtain faster times... this has taken quite some time for me to do. Anyone who knows me... knows this is a huge barrier that I've recently broken through. Hopefully I'm on the brink of taking my running to a whole new level.

(overall men Sam Linhoss takes 3rd)

Push on.... Push on.....


cheryl said...

you have had your share of rainy trail races this year!

Dreama said...

No kidding!!! : )