Friday, February 20, 2009

Switching Gears......

Okay.. I've been really quiet lately..... so it's time to talk about what I've been up to.

(A hike with Trey and Xian from Edward's Point on Signal Mtn)

I've slowly been making a transition from focusing on ultra trail running to Ironman training. It has mentally been very hard for me to wrap my mind around it since trail running has truly becme a passion. With all this said... time has been a bit more limited and I've had to re-evaluate how this is all going to work. Finally... I'm back in the pool and on a bike. WOW... it really has been a long time. By the way.... cycling is taking a toll on the running legs.... this bums me out more than anything! Swimming came back to me pretty easily, but is still very non-exciting. Hopefully I'll figure out some things to make the pool more interesting. Suggestions.... anyone?

Next weekend I will run the Mount Cheaha 50K trail race. Sadly... this will be the last ultra for a while. : ( The Ironman training will really kick in after this event as well.

(Xian and Trey begged me to take this goofy shot)

Here are some more pictures of things I've been up to for the past few weeks:

Snooper's Rock on Suck Creek

Raccoon Mtn / one of the overlooks. Me, Michelle and Leslie

Michelle and I before running on Raccoon Mtn


WarKitty said...

It *has* been hard to motivate for more than running. I've the added bit that I can take Strega running, but not swimming or cycling. I'm loving having something active I can do with my dog.

Still, I'm regaining some of my bike love, and I always did kinda like swimming. I'm not a natural like you, but I like it.

Maybe instead of pool time you should slip into your wetsuit and do open water to mix it up a bit?

cheryl said...

Hi Dreama - you live in a dream place to be a trail runner, and lucky you found something you really love. You can keep on the trails throughout the ironman prep, just maybe not as much. I may be coming down mid March for a few days of cycling (14-16, I think), maybe you can join us for a ride or two. Its with a couple of other girls I train with here (not Kim or Angela this time ).

Dreama said...


I'd love to do some riding with you guys. You'll have to be patient with me.... I'm terribly slow right now! Also... bring your Mtn Bike.... you gotta get out on the trails on Raccoon Mtn... you'd love it!