Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lookout Mountain running....

Well.. we've been running quite a bit on Lookout these days. Largely due to the fact of convenience.

Sergio showed up with duct tape and a bandage taped to his head. At first glance... you would have thought he was playing a practical joke on us..., BUT no not Sergio. He had fallen out of bed the night before and cut his head open on the nightstand. So bad.... that he probably needed stitches! Trying to tell that man to go to the doctor is like telling a cat not to groom itself! Geesh... I hope that I'm just half that tough at the age of 68!

A really large group showed this morning and we decided to split up into a few groups since some had different training plans for the day.

We ran to Reflection Riding and then up to Skyuka and up to the Bluff trail. From there we headed on up to Covenant College and somehow missed the lake! We then came back down to the Bluff Trail and most of the group headed on back to Craven's House (our starting point). Sergio and I pressed forward and ventured over to the Mountain Beautiful Trail and then down to the Hardy Trail.

Ended up with a solid run and more miles in the bank for Mountain Mist 50K coming up in a couple of weeks.

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