Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Frosty Challenge 2009........

There is no better way to welcome the New Year like participating in the Frosty Challenge!

I started the Frosty Challenge 3 years ago for the multisport minded athletes here in Chattanooga. It's a Bike / Trail Run / Bike. The bike segment totals 34.69miles and the run totals 10miles on the beautiful Cumberland Trail.

It was COLD starting out! So cold.... that it may have changed the minds of some who said they would be there earlier this week. Only 4 individuals completed the whole event. Some met us at the trail head and ran the run only leg. Since I am not in primo shape right now.... I rode the first half of the bike and then did the run. I did not do the last half of the bike like the previous years. I could have made it, but wanted to save my legs for a long run this weekend.

The trail was perfect.... just as always. This segment is gorgeous! Definitely worth checking out if you like to run or hike. We started the run from the Hotwater Road trail head and went toward Mountain Road. This way is 5miles out and 5miles back. If you go the other way from Hotwater Road (toward Hwy 111) that is 11miles. The segment totals 16miles point to point.

Check out the pictures. They really say it all. Happy New Year!

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cheryl said...

how fun! & beautiful trail.