Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lookout Mountain 100K.....

Now that that Christmas is over and the dust has settled.... it's time that I give a race report about the Lookout Mountain 100K.

I arrived to the race start before daylight so that I could get the pre-race jitters (aka bathroom trips) out of the way. After taking care of business I was glad to find Lucky (Michael Green) at his car grooving to some Hip Hop. Ah... just what I needed to take my mind off getting ready to do the longest running race of my life. Lucky and I share some similar taste in music : ) Before I knew it... we were ready to make our walk to the official start line. Once we got to the start line... we had to wait for daylight.... then it began to rain. There was a magnificent waterfall here to look at. Unfortunately... my camera didn't do such a great job capturing the beauty of this in the rain and lack of daylight.

Before the race started I had decided to stick with my friend Joanna since we were both virgins to this distance! We slowly started and at times questioned whether or not we were going too fast or too slow. About 2.5-3miles in there was a creek crossing.... Well.... so much for dry shoes!... Not that they would have been dry for long as it was already raining. It continued raining off and on for quite some time after this leaving the trail a mucky mess. We passed on the first aid station at Covenant College and made our trek down to the Craven's House from there. Once to Craven's House we stopped for a bit and then headed on down to the bottom of the mountain where we made our way through even more mud! After a seemingly LONG jeep trail we finally came up on the Blue Beaver aid station where we grabbed more nutrition and fluids. Now we were on our merry way to Skyuka Springs..... then our Trek back up the mountain began! On our way upthe mountain it came an absolute downpour and the temperature was dropping. Slowing or stopping only caused me to chill. Had to keep moving! I did stop briefly at the the upper truck trail at the aid station and waited on Joanna. Brrr... I got cold! Once Joanna was ready... we were off to the the end of the upper truck trail to John Smart Trail. Up up up the mountain we continued till we hit the Covenant College aid station. It was really raining hard now! This is where we decided that we would drop at the next aid station.... mile 38.

Those last 6miles in were nasty. HARD rain.... the trails looked like streams from all the run off. There was no dodging puddles.... instead we just went right through them. about mile 33 we came up on a fellow trail runner who was walking. He told us that his feet were covered with blisters and he could hardly manage the pain. My heart went out to him as the weather conditions were only getting worse. The creek crossing we had passed early on in the race was now much fuller and was carrying a nice current as well. It was never so nice to see mile 38! Here I dropped without shame. I was wet and cold and did not want to suffer anymore. My legs were in good shape and had it in them to go the full monty, but the rest of my body just wanted to be warm and dry. Still..... 38 out of 62 ain't bad and it's the longest run ever for me. There will be other 100K races to conquer!

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