Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giving thanks and spending time with friends and family....

So... This might be the longest period of time in a while that it has taken me to update the blog. Pardon me for having to back track to bring things up to date.

Thanksgiving day was spent with family and we did have a very nice meal indeed! While Trey and I TRY to keep the menu healthy... it's very hard as there are always desserts, rolls and other really bad things to tempt us. I think I've been feeling guilty for the past few days knowing what all my body consumed on that day. So... must workout more and.... again... clean the diet up!

On Friday (after Thanksgiving).... I met some friends on Lookout Mountain for a trail run. My friend Kim was in town from Indiana and I wanted her to see some things up there that she might not even know were there without a local guide. We ran the "Big Daddy" loop from the Craven's House and even stopped off at Sunset Rock so she could see the wonderful views from up there.

Afterwards we met Trey, Michelle and others for lunch at Greenlife and ventured over to Rock Creek for some shopping. Couldn't let Kim leave town without visiting these fine establishments!

Then Saturday came. It rained and rained and rained some more..... all the way into Sunday. In fact... we even cancelled the Sunday trail run due to the downpour and cold temperatures. YUCK. I was so dissappointed. Yucky rainy days make me appreciate the good ones.

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