Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fat Ass 50K (11, 21 and 31mile options)

Saturday was the 4th annual Fat Ass 50K. This was the first year for me to run the low key event as there has always been one reason or the other I could not attend.

I'm not going to sugar coat it...... IT WAS COLD!.... Try 24 degrees cold for the start. So cold that the sweat was freezing on everyone's tobogons! The run started from Kris and Randy Whorton's house in St. Elmo at the base of Lookout Mountain. Upon leaving their go straight up the Guild Trail crossing over the road and through the Ruby Falls parking lot. After the parking lot... you hit a jeep road and not far there is a right turn. This trail brings you out at the bottom of the Gum Springs trail.... which you climb up until reaching the jeep trail again. Once back on the jeep trail you take a right and stay on it till it dead ends into the John Smart Trail. The John Smart Trail takes you to the bluff where there are some pretty amazing views. If you are afraid of heights... this trail might make your tummy sick. Personally... it has never bothered me, but I've got friends who feel differently than me about it. You follow this trail till you see signs pointing you in the direction of the Craven's House. After you reach the Craven's House you decide whether or not it's going to be 21miles or 31miles. Since I'm doing a 100K on December 20th..... I opted for the 21miles. No need to go into that event feeling worn down!

Early on.... Michelle joined us for about 35mins and ran a portion of the jeep road till she needed to turn back. A group of us ended up running this thing in together. It was me, Trey, Sergio, Kevin, Cathi and Mark. A very awesome group to run and chat with for sure! I certainly enjoyed catching up with Kevin as it's been a while since we've run together. He is one of my favorite people! I noticed that my pace got faster and faster and we were chatting and we had put a little distance between us and everyone else at one point. Funny how you don't realize these things when you are into a conversation like that! : )

The guys who opted for the full monty were Joey (coming in 1st), Mitch (coming in second), Sal (coming in third) and David. I'm glad I didn't do the whole thing as I would have come in after David and would have gotten lonely out there all by myself!
Kudos to all who came out and ran this thing..... we all deserve a pat on the back for running on such a COLD day!


SNAKE said...

You deliberately left out "The Snake" in the photos. I had a great time running with Cat and Charlene. Took the 23 mile augmented version of the run. Ran some with someone named Wendy? She may be pacing at the 100k. Need to get her into ultra running, I think she can do it.


Big girl panties packed in my bag.

SNAKE said...

Deliberately is such a strong word!

I would like to think that Dreama has saved my picture in her special place.

Dreama said...

I honestly didn't have a picture with you in it.... how'd that happen!? I was looking and looking wondering.... "where was Larry out of all those people!". You must have been hiding when the camera came out!