Monday, November 3, 2008

VeloVixens Mountain Bike Clinic......

Saturday the Vixens had a skills clinic at Harrison Bay. Cat and I carpooled over there and met up with everyone else. On the way into the park we spotted two deer.... awww.... we had to stop and observe for a minute. Once there..... we unloaded the bikes and did a little "obstacle" course in the parking lot that John had set-up. We also got a crash course on how to fix a broken chain... this could be useful at some point in the future. As always.... John made sure to

supply us all with freebies.... we love free stuff! Knowing this would be a beginner friendly was perfect for me since I needed to take it easy with a trail marathon the next day.

That was the first time I have ridden out there in about 8 years! Going back.... I remember being afraid to attempt riding over roots and such, but now it seems way too easy! To make it more interesting we did two full laps and then decided we were hungry and it was time to eat. Karen met Cat and I for lunch and afterwards we ventured over to the Goodwill for some second hand shopping. I think Karen was sceptical at first, but then she was shopping like a pro! She even found me a Nike jacket! What a fun day with the girls... a little exercise, food and shopping... can't beat that!

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