Monday, November 3, 2008

M3 (Mystery Mountain Trail Marathon).....

Sunday morning I woke at 4:50am and proceeded to gather up my race gear and eat a quick breakfast for the long run ahead. At 5:30am Cat and I were off to pick-up Sergio and on our way to Fort Mountain for the Mystery Mountain Trail Marathon and 1/2. Once there.... we grabbed our race packets and suited up for a long day in the woods. Sergio and I had made a pact to run the entire marathon together so I could closely monitor his nutrition. Cat was running the 1/2 marathon.

The race begins..... Sergio are together from the start. I told him we would start easy and gradually build on pace from there. We were mixed in with the 1/2 marathoners until around mile 11... where we would split and go up a hill that very closely resembled a ski slope!

Little did we know that this hill was the beginning of many similar to it that we would encounter as the race progressed.
It was all I could do to power walk up this nasty beast! After this it seemed as if we went down and back up the mountain 5-6 times! This was beginning to wreak havoc on my knees with the steep grades. Still... even with the nasty ups and downs..... Sergio and I remained together. A few times we would stop and take a picture or two along the way as the foliage was spectacular.

I knew that there were two girls in front of me, but I wasn't sure if there were any others. We had caught and passed one of them around mile 22-23, but still not sure who all might have been in front of me. When we passed by the last aid station... the lady yells out "you are the second place female!". This fired me up and I told Sergio.... "hurry up.... we gotta go!". Little did I know that I would catch and pass female #1 right at the end of the race! Holy cow!..... I just won a freaking trail marathon! Knowing I just won overall female at such a greuling event was almost surreal......

In the end Michael Green (aka Lucky) took 3rd overall and I was 1st overall female. Quite honestly.... I think everyone of us walked away with a good feeling about our race out there. What a great day!

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cheryl said...

dreama - you are a rock star!