Monday, October 20, 2008

Strong Adventure Race....

Saturday Trey and I headed down from the Smokies to the Ocoee where the Strong Adventure Race would begin. Even though the race started at noon.... it was still quite cool out. There was also a constant wind to accompany the cool air. My teammates were Michelle and her dad. We had not practiced together at all for the race and were hoping for the best.

Before the event started I was fumbling around trying to get some help with my front brakes. They weren't working..... AT ALL. Jim Farmer tried to help the best he could, but when I test rode it... they stopped working.... AGAIN. Finally... a mechanic from Scott's Bikes helped me out and the brakes were fixed and working great! I can't remember his name......I owe him big time though!

After the break issues.... I regrouped with Michelle and Richard so we could get a plan together. We decided to do the bike leg of the race first. Off we went...... The first mistake we made was taking a road that we thought was the right way. This costed us nearly 1:45! Finally... we were back on track and off our bikes to run to more check points. We found 1 of 3 on this part of the race. For the life of us.... we could not find those other two! On the way back in we decided to hit 2 more check points. Mission accomplished. Back to the start where we decided to hit the paddling segment since our time was dwindling away fast. The paddling went much better than any of us thought considering we had never been in a boat together. Two more check points on the water and had to book it back to the start in order to meet the cut-off. We made the cut-off with time to spare and were very happy to be done.

All and all it was great fun and a learning experience for all of us. Honestly... it was more fun than I thought it'd be as it was my very first adventure race. Michelle and Richard made for good teammates and good company too.

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Anonymous said...

Dreama, I can't find your email address, but wanted to see if you were going to be around Thanksgiving weekend and what you are currently training for these days! I might come down. My email is Hope all is well!