Monday, October 27, 2008

20 miles on Piney River........

Yesterday a few of us met in Spring City for a trail run on the Piney River Segment on the Cumberland Trail. Since Larry Lyda lives so closely to the trail head.... he was our guide for the day.

Starting out it was downright COLD! The temperature was reading 38 degrees! Luckily... we did warm-up after we had been running for a bit.... then the sun came out and really did help to thaw things out. Upon finishing the run the temperature had risen to 68 degrees.

While the terrain was not so bad..... it was a pretty constant grade up for the whole 10miles in.... with only a couple of exceptions. There are 6 bridges along the way.... one of which is a pretty good size crossing Piney River. Our pace was easy as many of us have races coming up this weekend and weren't looking for a hefty and tiring run. Still.... 20miles is 20miles. Once we made it to the top of the mountain Larry had some snacks waiting on us. We were all very appreciative of his kindness in stashing these there!.... I think Trey was most appreciative since he was nursing a hang-over from the night before and much needed the extra nutrition! The run back was much it should have been since it's basically ALL downhill! When we popped out of the trail..... Larry's wife was waiting with some barbeque and such for us to eat after our long run. Wow.... Larry is quite the host! We couldn't thank him enough for the food and good times!

If you ever have the chance to check this trail out..... I would suggest you give it a try. It's beautiful and I can only imagine what Piney River looks like when water levels are up.

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