Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday afternoon at Haw Ridge

Saturday morning I slept in for a bit then went for an hour run before heading up to see Michelle. After my run I cleaned up and took the kids to Nonna and Poppy's and then Trey and I picked Cathi up and were Knoxville bound!

Once we arrived in Knoxville and met up with Michelle we headed over to Haw Ridge for some mountain biking fun. Boy... did we ever find the new meaning of "FUN" there! I think we took every wrong turn... ending us up on either a very steep uphill or even steeper downhill. I think that is hands down the most I've ever pushed my bike! Finally we found a map at a kiosk and spent the remainder of our time riding the "easier more rideable" part of the course. It was sticky, hot and humid which made us all sweat like crazy too.

That night we managed to find a good place to eat called Tomato Head in downtown Knoxville. Thank-god for good food as I was starving after the workouts that had been put in earlier in that day!

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