Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hoping there is enough in the bank.....

This morning Trey and I headed up to Signal Mountain for the last "really long" trail run before Stump Jump 50K. Either it's in the bank...or... it isn't at this point! Too late in the game to gain anymore fitness for this event as we will now officially be on "taper".

We ran out to Mushroom Rock and over to Suck Creek Road then back tracked to Mushroom and headed out to Edwards Point. Our route was modified from the original plan since there was a managed hunt going on the Prentice Cooper side. The idea of being shot by a bow and arrow by an anxious hunter was NOT appealing to any of us! I guess miles on the trail ARE miles on the trail, but it would have been nice to have run most of the course ONE more time!

Most of the group opted for the shorter route of 11miles. This left me, Trey, Sergio and Tyler. I must confess that my legs were getting very tired on the way back from Edwards Point! It was so nice to finish that run up and have piece of mind that tomorrow is an "off" day!

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