Monday, September 1, 2008

21+ in the bank......

Sunday was a scheduled long run for Trey and I. We decided that a run from Signal to Suck Creek was in order since that's part of the Stump Jump 50K course. Cat came and ran out to Mushroom Rock with us and from there on out it was me, Trey and Sergio for the next 19 miles.

The day was humid and hot which made for miserable running conditions. On the way up Suck after the swinging bridge we saw a rather large toad ( ) and stopped to get his picture. What a cool creature..... Glad we didn't touch him.... he had poisionous glands!!! After crossing Suck Creek Road and venturing further up the mountain....we somehow missed the turn for Indian Rock House and went out of our way over a mile! Finally.... we were back on track and made it to the Indian Rock House despite some minor clearing of downed trees along the way. Once we had a bite to eat we headed back and moved rather fast in comparision to our run there. When we reached the stairs at Suck Creek Road we refueled with water that I had stashed the day before. We were all thankful that I had placed that water there too! Our trek back up Signal was aweful. Our legs were spent and we were all three unusually tired! I told Sergio that I had never felt so terrible.... not even during a 50K! It must have been the humidity and heat -OR- for me.... maybe it was the long bike ride my legs had on them from the day before?! Either way.... we sure were glad for this run to be over and the 21+ miles to be in the bank!

Enjoy the pictures!

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cheryl said...

nice photos! be careful in the heat!