Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two for Two.....

This morning I met Michelle, Richard and Cat at Booker T for a mountain bike ride. Second mountain bike ride for the week! Michelle and Richard did one lap with us and Cat and I opted for a second lap. I swear.... I could ride that loop all day!... and probably would have done more if I did not have a triathlon tomorrow. Each time I muster up just a little bit more courage and thus..... am able to go faster. Both laps complete without unclipping once just like Thursday!

When I got home Trey took me and the boys to lunch and we came home and cleaned the play room. I had to take a picture of this since it's hardly EVER clean! As you can see Xian and Gage were already busy junking things up.

Wish me, Cat and Michelle good luck at Fall Creek Falls tomorrow!

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