Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tri Fall Creek Falls.....

Today was my 2nd triathlon since IM Arizona.....Tri Fall Creek Falls (an event put on by Raceday Events). Cat and I decided to carpool up since we live so close and it was on my way too. I like this venue as the swim is in a lake, the bike is on rolling/hilly terrain, and the run is through woods in which you are running on a paved trail.

A race report is included below, but some of the highlights of the day were me biking a 1:08 bike split!, Cat finishing her first ever olympic distance triathlon!, Jim (one of my athletes) completing the race with a very respectable time even though he has been battling sickness all week, and getting to visit with all our friends before and after the race.

The Swim - The swim started off REALLY slow for me. I did not do a good job pysching myself out before the swim and payed for it during big time. The first 5-6 minutes I had a ton of trouble getting in a rythmn and at one point found myself doing the backstroke trying to cope with it! FINALLY..... I settled down and got my head in the game and all was well for the remainder of the swim. I probably lost 2-3 minutes overall here.

The Bike - The bike went EXTREMELY well for me today! Maybe it was due to my frustration about how the swim went down?! I had a PR and went 1:08! This bested my last best time of 1:12. For some strange reason it just seemed to be easier than normal on the hills. I got passed by no one.

The Run - I transistioned to the run fairly quickly and thought I may struggle here since the bike had gone so well, but again..... I felt great. Granted.... I'm not a super fast runner right now, but the run went well for me. I was passed by two females and 3 guys the entire time on the run course. At one point a sidestitch crept up and it nagged for a bit and went away..... this did not seem to affect my pace though.

Post Race - Michelle, Lance and I ran back to check on Cat. I decided taking Lance would provide eye candy to motivate Cat to keep moving and forget so much about the pain of it all! She still cussed me, but was a much nicer, gentler Cat in the process. Later she fessed up that the eye candy DID help! We waited on some other friends to cross the finish line and cut-up with everyone while waiting on results (which seemed to take forever). Once the awards were presented we found out that I took 2nd in my age group, Cat took 2nd in Athena, Lance placed 2nd in his age group, Jeff Gibson WON overall, and Michelle & her team won the women's relay! After the race we noticed a huge amount of the participants had a 2min penalty. The race director said it was because most everyone had shortcutted the course. Lance and I did not short cut the course, but were still penalized! What?! I didn't think it was worth arguing over. Good venue, good training day..... it's all good.... right?!

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cheryl said...

congrats on the race, and for sticking with the mtb riding! Hope you learn to love it as much as I do!