Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thank god tomorrow is a rest day!.......

My legs feel like someone took a baseball bat to them after the crazy things I've done over a 3 day period!

Nearly 18 miles on the trail today was quite an accomplishment considering how flat I've been feeling since yesterday morning. Thankfully I started getting stronger toward the end of the run and had enough gas to tough it out.... otherwise I'd still be out there on the side of the trail dead! We had a nice group today with Joey, Lucky and Sal taking off and running their usual "FAST" pace and then me, Trey, Sergio, Robyn, Sandy, Lisa, Leslie and Hope formed the second group. Later Lisa ended up dropping and joining up with Charlene and Nik for a shorter option and Robyn headed back at the East Overlook due to time constraints.

All and all it was a good training day and the weather really was great with overcast skies and sprinkles here and there!

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