Saturday, August 23, 2008

River Gorge Road Race...

Here are some of my thoughts from today:

1. This race course is absolutely BRUTAL with some MAJOR climbing involved.

2. The Vixens who have been racing regulary this year have made HUGE improvements and deserve to be recognized for their outstanding job and placement! Specifically Beth, Carol and Cecelia. Also.... kudos to Robyn for staying with the main pack and riding strong on her first ever road race! She will be a big threat to our competetion if she decides to do this more often in the future.

3. The decision for me to race was last minute and the first time I've been on my Road Bike since before Ironman as I've been riding the TT bike and mountain bike. Bad decision for me. Didn't fair out so well, but it made for a good training day.

4. I knew the race was going to be tough today as immediately after starting my legs were flat! Who knows why?! Maybe b/c I had a PR at my Triathlon last weekend? Maybe the hour run yesterday? Maybe just a bad day? Who knows.... I'm not beating myself up over anymore. I just appreciate the opportunity to race with my teammates and learn something new.

5. I think my teammates may have inspired me to try another road race in the near future...... after some running goals are achieved.

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