Thursday, August 14, 2008

Leaps and Bounds......

Today I met Robyn and Sergio for a mountain bike ride at Booker T. We were like kids out there today taking every dip & downhill like we were 10 years old or something. Robyn's skills were impressive to me and as a result of that I had a personal record for my first lap trying to stay on her wheel! Beat my best time out there by over 6 minutes! Thanks Robyn for the motivation to go faster. When Sergio rolled in off the first lap he wondered if we had short cutted somehow since we were nowhere in his sight. Guess I got all wrapped up in the moment and was really focused on going faster and staying upright...... which I managed to do on BOTH laps! Each time I go out on the mountain bike I feel as if I am making huge strides. This sport does not come easy to me and I am thankful every time I learn to do something new out there!

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