Monday, August 11, 2008

The Greenway 5 Mile Trail Race....

Saturday I decided to enter my first running race since Ironman. Gosh..... it's been a long time. Definitely got me interested in racing again after doing this one. My competitive spirit started coming out about half way through the race! Wow..... glad to know it's still there... thought I had lost it or something there for a while. All of my friends were there including Michelle! She actually placed 3rd overall, but some girl shortcutted the course and cut Michelle out of an award....BOO! Joey place 3rd overall in the men's and even beat out Tom Sell! Way to go Joey!

After the race Michelle and I went on a bike ride with her dad and climbed up Suck Creek. It was an amazing day for riding and running as the morning felt a bit like Fall was in the air!

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