Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fridays with Sergio.......

So... the past couple of Fridays Sergio and I have been meeting up for some "secret" training. We've been riding our mountain bikes over at Booker T. This Friday started off a little slower due to the wet ground, some mud, slippery roots and slick rocks. I exercised a great deal of caution on the first loop, but by the second loop I was ready for the challenge. Embarassing enough.... I did wipe-out on the big uphill on the first lap as my rear wheel hit a slippery root and turned me over sideways. Needless to say I WAS NOT going to let that happen again and I cursed that uphill the second time around and kicked it's ass! Oh... and did I mention all the cobwebs that I cleared on the first loop as Sergio was behind me?! ICK..... I hate going throughn those. Other than the wreck.... I did not dismount at any point on the course. This is a BIG DEAL for me!

Once we were finished we went to the dam and got in a quick 30 minute swim. Ahhh.... the water was nice after a very hot ride in the woods! EVEN if it WAS lake water.

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