Monday, August 11, 2008

A day with my boys.....

Sunday was spent with Xian and Trey on our bikes! First we went to the Riverwalk and rode about 9 MILES with super Xian! The kid NEVER gets tired. Maybe I need to look into something in which he can focus some of this excessive amount of energy into. Swimming, running....something! During our ride we stopped and had lunch and then Xian rode bikes with some older boys and played on the playground. Once we were finished we headed up to Nonna and Poppy's so Xian could spend the night since I had to get up so early this morning to train a client.

After dropping Xian off.... Trey and I headed over to Booker T to get in some mountain biking! Trey says he was impressed that I've made such huge gains on the trail! In fact he rode behind me a good portion of it. Slowly... but surely... I'm getting the hang of it!

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