Sunday, August 3, 2008

A day for the unexpected.....

Saturday I planned to get up and ride with a group, but when the alarm sounded I decided that sleeping in was more important to me. I did think to myself..... "Okay... you are going to regret this.... you better go ride when you wake up and get in some time on the bike you big loser!". Once I got up and prepared myself breakfast and Trey was hounding me to get on out the door and get my ride over with. So.... off I went.... Down my street, turn right and I see something in the road. At first glance it appears to be a rather large insect in distress so I take a second look.... It's a freaking humming bird! Immediately my heart sinks and I HAVE to help the little guy. Apparently his wing is broken. I come home and we call the Nature Center.... They advise us to take him to the Zoo. A detour from my riding plans, but well worth saving this amazing creature's life. Hopefully the Zoo will be able to help this little guy out.

On the way back home we see a man (looks like Native American Indian) running across the Veteran's Bridge carrying some sort of tribal stick. We looked at each other and wondered what on earth he was doing and went on our merry way. Once home.... I mounted my bike and finally headed out on my seriously postponed ride. I decided to climb Suck Creek and had an incredibly nice ride to the top and back down. Once back on the road along the river.... I see the same dude running with the tribal stick!! I had to go ask him what he was running for. He told me they were relaying across the U.S. in honor of Native American Indians and he was from the Six Nations Tribe from Ontario. WOW... you never know who you might meet. The goal was to end up somewhere in South Dakota, but I didn't get all the details. There was actually a van of Indians driving behind him trading off for the relay. He did allow me to snap his picture. VERY COOL stuff!

Enjoy the very bizzare photos I took today.... One of the injured humming bird.... One of the dude running and some signs from my climb up the mountain. I couldn't resist snapping a shot my team's Adopt a Highway sign. It is nice to know that we do give back every now and then.

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