Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A wet Wednesday night trail run.....

This evening I met the group for a trail run on Signal. Since there weren't as many runners as usual we decided to go a little longer (1:45). We ran over to Suck Creek and back. I had forgotten how beautiful the those trails are as I've not been running there in a while. Even with the light rain, over cast skies, and the occassional unavoidable mud hole..... I fell in love with them all over again! Maybe I just love being in the woods.....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thank god tomorrow is a rest day!.......

My legs feel like someone took a baseball bat to them after the crazy things I've done over a 3 day period!

Nearly 18 miles on the trail today was quite an accomplishment considering how flat I've been feeling since yesterday morning. Thankfully I started getting stronger toward the end of the run and had enough gas to tough it out.... otherwise I'd still be out there on the side of the trail dead! We had a nice group today with Joey, Lucky and Sal taking off and running their usual "FAST" pace and then me, Trey, Sergio, Robyn, Sandy, Lisa, Leslie and Hope formed the second group. Later Lisa ended up dropping and joining up with Charlene and Nik for a shorter option and Robyn headed back at the East Overlook due to time constraints.

All and all it was a good training day and the weather really was great with overcast skies and sprinkles here and there!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

River Gorge Road Race...

Here are some of my thoughts from today:

1. This race course is absolutely BRUTAL with some MAJOR climbing involved.

2. The Vixens who have been racing regulary this year have made HUGE improvements and deserve to be recognized for their outstanding job and placement! Specifically Beth, Carol and Cecelia. Also.... kudos to Robyn for staying with the main pack and riding strong on her first ever road race! She will be a big threat to our competetion if she decides to do this more often in the future.

3. The decision for me to race was last minute and the first time I've been on my Road Bike since before Ironman as I've been riding the TT bike and mountain bike. Bad decision for me. Didn't fair out so well, but it made for a good training day.

4. I knew the race was going to be tough today as immediately after starting my legs were flat! Who knows why?! Maybe b/c I had a PR at my Triathlon last weekend? Maybe the hour run yesterday? Maybe just a bad day? Who knows.... I'm not beating myself up over anymore. I just appreciate the opportunity to race with my teammates and learn something new.

5. I think my teammates may have inspired me to try another road race in the near future...... after some running goals are achieved.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Patient Harry......

Today I met Harry up on Raccoon Moutain for some mountian biking. Gotta love him.... he IS so patient to wait on me! While my skills have improved.... I was very nervous on parts of the trail up there as there are some pretty techincal spots involving big rocks! I only fell twice, but I must admit that I had to dismount 5-6 times. Maybe biking there more would improve my skills.... it worked out for me at Booker T that way. Anyways..... I'm not becoming pro anytime soon...... It's all for fun... right?

In other news.... I have signed up for a road race in town this weekend called River Gorge Yeah... I let Robyn talk me into it! : ) I'm really looking to ride this as a training ride. We'll see what happens and how I feel on Saturday.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ironman Cozumel... I'm signed up!.....

Signed up last night! Race is on November 29th, 2009.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tri Fall Creek Falls.....

Today was my 2nd triathlon since IM Arizona.....Tri Fall Creek Falls (an event put on by Raceday Events). Cat and I decided to carpool up since we live so close and it was on my way too. I like this venue as the swim is in a lake, the bike is on rolling/hilly terrain, and the run is through woods in which you are running on a paved trail.

A race report is included below, but some of the highlights of the day were me biking a 1:08 bike split!, Cat finishing her first ever olympic distance triathlon!, Jim (one of my athletes) completing the race with a very respectable time even though he has been battling sickness all week, and getting to visit with all our friends before and after the race.

The Swim - The swim started off REALLY slow for me. I did not do a good job pysching myself out before the swim and payed for it during big time. The first 5-6 minutes I had a ton of trouble getting in a rythmn and at one point found myself doing the backstroke trying to cope with it! FINALLY..... I settled down and got my head in the game and all was well for the remainder of the swim. I probably lost 2-3 minutes overall here.

The Bike - The bike went EXTREMELY well for me today! Maybe it was due to my frustration about how the swim went down?! I had a PR and went 1:08! This bested my last best time of 1:12. For some strange reason it just seemed to be easier than normal on the hills. I got passed by no one.

The Run - I transistioned to the run fairly quickly and thought I may struggle here since the bike had gone so well, but again..... I felt great. Granted.... I'm not a super fast runner right now, but the run went well for me. I was passed by two females and 3 guys the entire time on the run course. At one point a sidestitch crept up and it nagged for a bit and went away..... this did not seem to affect my pace though.

Post Race - Michelle, Lance and I ran back to check on Cat. I decided taking Lance would provide eye candy to motivate Cat to keep moving and forget so much about the pain of it all! She still cussed me, but was a much nicer, gentler Cat in the process. Later she fessed up that the eye candy DID help! We waited on some other friends to cross the finish line and cut-up with everyone while waiting on results (which seemed to take forever). Once the awards were presented we found out that I took 2nd in my age group, Cat took 2nd in Athena, Lance placed 2nd in his age group, Jeff Gibson WON overall, and Michelle & her team won the women's relay! After the race we noticed a huge amount of the participants had a 2min penalty. The race director said it was because most everyone had shortcutted the course. Lance and I did not short cut the course, but were still penalized! What?! I didn't think it was worth arguing over. Good venue, good training day..... it's all good.... right?!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two for Two.....

This morning I met Michelle, Richard and Cat at Booker T for a mountain bike ride. Second mountain bike ride for the week! Michelle and Richard did one lap with us and Cat and I opted for a second lap. I swear.... I could ride that loop all day!... and probably would have done more if I did not have a triathlon tomorrow. Each time I muster up just a little bit more courage and thus..... am able to go faster. Both laps complete without unclipping once just like Thursday!

When I got home Trey took me and the boys to lunch and we came home and cleaned the play room. I had to take a picture of this since it's hardly EVER clean! As you can see Xian and Gage were already busy junking things up.

Wish me, Cat and Michelle good luck at Fall Creek Falls tomorrow!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Leaps and Bounds......

Today I met Robyn and Sergio for a mountain bike ride at Booker T. We were like kids out there today taking every dip & downhill like we were 10 years old or something. Robyn's skills were impressive to me and as a result of that I had a personal record for my first lap trying to stay on her wheel! Beat my best time out there by over 6 minutes! Thanks Robyn for the motivation to go faster. When Sergio rolled in off the first lap he wondered if we had short cutted somehow since we were nowhere in his sight. Guess I got all wrapped up in the moment and was really focused on going faster and staying upright...... which I managed to do on BOTH laps! Each time I go out on the mountain bike I feel as if I am making huge strides. This sport does not come easy to me and I am thankful every time I learn to do something new out there!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A day with my boys.....

Sunday was spent with Xian and Trey on our bikes! First we went to the Riverwalk and rode about 9 MILES with super Xian! The kid NEVER gets tired. Maybe I need to look into something in which he can focus some of this excessive amount of energy into. Swimming, running....something! During our ride we stopped and had lunch and then Xian rode bikes with some older boys and played on the playground. Once we were finished we headed up to Nonna and Poppy's so Xian could spend the night since I had to get up so early this morning to train a client.

After dropping Xian off.... Trey and I headed over to Booker T to get in some mountain biking! Trey says he was impressed that I've made such huge gains on the trail! In fact he rode behind me a good portion of it. Slowly... but surely... I'm getting the hang of it!

The Greenway 5 Mile Trail Race....

Saturday I decided to enter my first running race since Ironman. Gosh..... it's been a long time. Definitely got me interested in racing again after doing this one. My competitive spirit started coming out about half way through the race! Wow..... glad to know it's still there... thought I had lost it or something there for a while. All of my friends were there including Michelle! She actually placed 3rd overall, but some girl shortcutted the course and cut Michelle out of an award....BOO! Joey place 3rd overall in the men's and even beat out Tom Sell! Way to go Joey!

After the race Michelle and I went on a bike ride with her dad and climbed up Suck Creek. It was an amazing day for riding and running as the morning felt a bit like Fall was in the air!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A NEW Ironman!

Check this out! A new Ironman in Cozumel is set for November 29th, 2009! This is VERY tempting...... Uhhhmmmm.... two in one year? Is it possible?......

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A HOT 15 on the trail.....

So... we logged in another 15 today on the trail. This time we ran on Raccoon Mountain. We started out HOT and ended up even HOTTER! We had a very nice group for most of the run, but most everyone opted out for the shorter route.... including Trey! Yeah... he caught some crap for that! Those of us who finished the full Monty were me, Joey, Sergio, Heather, Mitch and Sandy. Kris and Randy will be headed out this week for their next 100 mile trail race near San Francisco. Good luck to you guys!

Enjoy the pictures! We parked at the Visitor's Center and I was able to snap a rather nice shot of the view from there once we returned from our run.

A day for the unexpected.....

Saturday I planned to get up and ride with a group, but when the alarm sounded I decided that sleeping in was more important to me. I did think to myself..... "Okay... you are going to regret this.... you better go ride when you wake up and get in some time on the bike you big loser!". Once I got up and prepared myself breakfast and Trey was hounding me to get on out the door and get my ride over with. So.... off I went.... Down my street, turn right and I see something in the road. At first glance it appears to be a rather large insect in distress so I take a second look.... It's a freaking humming bird! Immediately my heart sinks and I HAVE to help the little guy. Apparently his wing is broken. I come home and we call the Nature Center.... They advise us to take him to the Zoo. A detour from my riding plans, but well worth saving this amazing creature's life. Hopefully the Zoo will be able to help this little guy out.

On the way back home we see a man (looks like Native American Indian) running across the Veteran's Bridge carrying some sort of tribal stick. We looked at each other and wondered what on earth he was doing and went on our merry way. Once home.... I mounted my bike and finally headed out on my seriously postponed ride. I decided to climb Suck Creek and had an incredibly nice ride to the top and back down. Once back on the road along the river.... I see the same dude running with the tribal stick!! I had to go ask him what he was running for. He told me they were relaying across the U.S. in honor of Native American Indians and he was from the Six Nations Tribe from Ontario. WOW... you never know who you might meet. The goal was to end up somewhere in South Dakota, but I didn't get all the details. There was actually a van of Indians driving behind him trading off for the relay. He did allow me to snap his picture. VERY COOL stuff!

Enjoy the very bizzare photos I took today.... One of the injured humming bird.... One of the dude running and some signs from my climb up the mountain. I couldn't resist snapping a shot my team's Adopt a Highway sign. It is nice to know that we do give back every now and then.

Fridays with Sergio.......

So... the past couple of Fridays Sergio and I have been meeting up for some "secret" training. We've been riding our mountain bikes over at Booker T. This Friday started off a little slower due to the wet ground, some mud, slippery roots and slick rocks. I exercised a great deal of caution on the first loop, but by the second loop I was ready for the challenge. Embarassing enough.... I did wipe-out on the big uphill on the first lap as my rear wheel hit a slippery root and turned me over sideways. Needless to say I WAS NOT going to let that happen again and I cursed that uphill the second time around and kicked it's ass! Oh... and did I mention all the cobwebs that I cleared on the first loop as Sergio was behind me?! ICK..... I hate going throughn those. Other than the wreck.... I did not dismount at any point on the course. This is a BIG DEAL for me!

Once we were finished we went to the dam and got in a quick 30 minute swim. Ahhh.... the water was nice after a very hot ride in the woods! EVEN if it WAS lake water.