Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday Night FUN.....

So a few of us thought it'd be cool to go for a little swim before our trail run. Those of us opting for this show-up despite the rain/thunder/lighting. We waited a bit and it stopped (not completely), but enough to eager people wanting to swim to take the risk. We get into the water and begin our swim. Not even 3 mins in a Park Ranger has his megaphone out telling us we cannot swim there. Kevin Manning went over to get clarification from him. Apparently.... there are some kind of liability issues of one getting into the water from the land at Booker T. He did state that if we had come by boat and jumped into the water that we could have swam all day and it would have been okay to do it that way!? CRAZY.

We did enjoy our run afterwards..... that is.... until the sun decided to come back out and heat things up again!

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