Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A nice day at Foster Falls and the Feiry Gizzard Trail.....

Sunday our little trail running group headed out for a long trail run from Foster Falls. http://www.friendsofscsra.org/aboutthepark.htm We had two new faces (Hope and David). Jim also came along and did a shorter version of the run and then curled up next to a rock reading a book while we were out there suffering.

I think we started early enough to avoid most of the heat, but it did get pretty hot as we were finishing up. Trey and I ony had one tiff the entire 17 mile run..... which is pretty good for us. I did end up turning my ankle pretty bad about 3/4 of the way in. Fortunately.... it loosened up and I was able to run the rest at a very respectable pace. Near the end of the run I had depleted my hydration and was glad that we had choosen not to do more distance.

Since we were all so hot from the run we decided that a swim at the falls was in order..... it DID make the run worth it all knowing that was at the end waiting on us! Since it's been so dry the falls were barely running or I would have taken a photograph of them.

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