Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gimme 20!!!.......

20...... That was the magic number today for our run. 20 HOT HUMID rough rugged miles on the trail! We ran at Prentice Cooper and part of the loop we did was quite overgrown due to downed trees and low traffic. Needless to say there were some areas where bushwacking was neccessary! We started out with 10 people and finished the entire course with 4 people. Everyone else cut it short (probably the smartest thing for them). Had we known the course was so overgrown we would have most likely cut it short or modified our loop somehow. On a long trail run.... these are not things you would know you're in for. Kudos to Kris and Randy for coming out and running part of the way with us as they are recovering from a 100 mile trail race and resting up for another 100 miler in a couple of weeks!

Another long run under the belt. Many more to come as Sergio and I have decided to give a 100K (62 miler) a try in December! Of course Sergio did have to point out that our 100K is over 3X what we did today....... YIKES

I did mange to get some nice photos from today. Snooper's Rock is beautiful as the fog was just burning off as we passed through there. I even had time to snap a shot of my favorite spot on the trail (the Fern Garden).

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cheryl said...

100K! you are crazy ;-)