Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gimme 20!!!.......

20...... That was the magic number today for our run. 20 HOT HUMID rough rugged miles on the trail! We ran at Prentice Cooper and part of the loop we did was quite overgrown due to downed trees and low traffic. Needless to say there were some areas where bushwacking was neccessary! We started out with 10 people and finished the entire course with 4 people. Everyone else cut it short (probably the smartest thing for them). Had we known the course was so overgrown we would have most likely cut it short or modified our loop somehow. On a long trail run.... these are not things you would know you're in for. Kudos to Kris and Randy for coming out and running part of the way with us as they are recovering from a 100 mile trail race and resting up for another 100 miler in a couple of weeks!

Another long run under the belt. Many more to come as Sergio and I have decided to give a 100K (62 miler) a try in December! Of course Sergio did have to point out that our 100K is over 3X what we did today....... YIKES

I did mange to get some nice photos from today. Snooper's Rock is beautiful as the fog was just burning off as we passed through there. I even had time to snap a shot of my favorite spot on the trail (the Fern Garden).

Finally a good week of training and progress......

Yes.... This week has been a great week of forward progress in my training! Waterfront was a wake-up call and made me realize that I better get back on it. I was also able to put in some top secret training this week that I should be able to talk about soon enough as well!

I did get to ride Saturday with an old friend that is now living in Knoxville with his brother (Mike). We did about 38miles..... which isn't that much (frankly I didn't need much more after such a heavy week), but it sure was great to catch-up. Hopefully we will be able to connect more often when he comes down to visit with family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Xian!

Xian is 5 years old today!!!!!

A nice day at Foster Falls and the Feiry Gizzard Trail.....

Sunday our little trail running group headed out for a long trail run from Foster Falls. We had two new faces (Hope and David). Jim also came along and did a shorter version of the run and then curled up next to a rock reading a book while we were out there suffering.

I think we started early enough to avoid most of the heat, but it did get pretty hot as we were finishing up. Trey and I ony had one tiff the entire 17 mile run..... which is pretty good for us. I did end up turning my ankle pretty bad about 3/4 of the way in. Fortunately.... it loosened up and I was able to run the rest at a very respectable pace. Near the end of the run I had depleted my hydration and was glad that we had choosen not to do more distance.

Since we were all so hot from the run we decided that a swim at the falls was in order..... it DID make the run worth it all knowing that was at the end waiting on us! Since it's been so dry the falls were barely running or I would have taken a photograph of them.

Me?!.... On a mountian bike?!.....

Yes... that's right... I rode my mountain bike on Saturday with Trey and Cat. Granted... I was bringing up the rear the whole time, but still a huge accomplishment for me. I've got lot's a work to do before I go showing my face on group mountain bike rides.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vixens Win big at Waterfront!....

So my race was crappy, but some of my teammates did in fact win some awards! Here are some pictures from the race.....compliments of Kelly Bullock.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Race, Rain and Regret.......

I have much regret today after doing my first race since Ironman Arizona. My fitness must be at a all time low! I was totally unprepared, untrained and out of excuses. The "I just did an Ironman" excuse has worn out it's welcome and it's time to get serious (I mean really serious) again. The weather was less than desirable, but this certainly does not dimiss the fact that I was not ready for this race. It began raining on the swim and rained/drizzled the entire bike and run. At one point during the run it appeared to be flash flooding as puddles were building by the second. I am thankful for this wake-up call and intend to get busy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday Night FUN.....

So a few of us thought it'd be cool to go for a little swim before our trail run. Those of us opting for this show-up despite the rain/thunder/lighting. We waited a bit and it stopped (not completely), but enough to eager people wanting to swim to take the risk. We get into the water and begin our swim. Not even 3 mins in a Park Ranger has his megaphone out telling us we cannot swim there. Kevin Manning went over to get clarification from him. Apparently.... there are some kind of liability issues of one getting into the water from the land at Booker T. He did state that if we had come by boat and jumped into the water that we could have swam all day and it would have been okay to do it that way!? CRAZY.

We did enjoy our run afterwards..... that is.... until the sun decided to come back out and heat things up again!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The infamous Blue Hole Run......

Today our little trail running group met for a run at the infamous Blue Hole on Montlake. This is one of our favorite runs during the summer.... especially when it's so dang hot & humid! Michelle and Alan were in from Knoxville and got to go on this run with us. YAY!
While it is a very technical calf burning ascent to the trail which descends to our swim destination..... once you are there it's so worth the trek! The climb out after the swim is another story of course. The pictures really do tell the story of why we love this trail so much!

A brick with the girls.......

Yep.... Saturday Cat and I met a fellow Vixen (Karen G) for an easy paced ride at the Battlefield. On our ride we saw several deer along the way and even stopped to grab a photo. After the ride we decided a short run was in order. On our way back from our run we ran into another Vixen (Cecelia). She was preparing for the Waterfront Tri next weekend and was also doing a brick. I'm so glad it was an easy body would not been up for much else!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More LSD with Pat.....

So.... Pat put the hurting on me today and drug me out for more distance. WOW.... my cycling fitness is really sad! Actually.... I think my overall fitness sucks right now. We had great weather and once again Pat was great company. I wonder if he ever gets tired of my yammering on these rides?

I'm looking forward to making progress with my fitness in the weeks to come as my inevitable career change has come. It's like bricks off my shoulders. Hopefully the removed stress will allow me to focus on the more positive things in life!

A swim and a run.....

Wednesday night our little trail running group met a bit early for a nice swim before the run at Booker T. There were 5 of us who opted to swim and we had about twice that many for the 6 mile trail run. I took it fairly easy on the run as my ankle is a bit swollen from turning it over on Sunday's run.

LSD with Pat.....

Yeah... that's right... more long slow distance. This time on Tuesday with Pat. We headed South into North Georgia. What great weather we had and Pat's company was wonderful!