Monday, June 16, 2008

A nice day in the woods.....

Sunday we ran the Cumberland Trail (Possum Creek Segment) point to point. Sure.... it was only 10 miles, but what most people don't understand is it's the most technical 10 miles around here. The scenery makes it all worth the pain though. This trail is probably the most diverse trail you could ask for as there are Pine Forest, Hardwood Forest, Fern Gardens, Rhododendrom Gardens, Rock Gardens, Creek Crossings, and even a spectacular Water Fall! Spending time in the woods with good company was also a plus.

The ticks are horrible this year. I counted nine on me!

After we finished up we ate lunch with everyone and later on I took Trey and my dad to dinner for Father's Day.


cheryl said...

you are making me extremely jealous with the photos from your trail runs!

Dreama said...

Aren't they great?! I always run with my camera when out on the trail.