Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just the two of us......

Sunday Trey and I decided to sleep in and to opt for a trail run..... Just the two of us. We headed north to the Cumberland Trail head off of HWY 111. We decided to run the Soddy Gorge Segment. WOW.... what a beautiful, but HOT day. About 20mins in we found ourselves covered with ticks due running through some VERY overgrown areas. After that.... the ticks weren't nearly as bad. This segment is one of my favorites as it's very runable and it takes you through Pine Forest, Hardwoods, Creek Crossings, Old Mining sites, Rock Formations and one Very beautiful Waterfall (mostly dry on this day unfortunately).

It was nice to run with just Trey out there and do our own thing though I did miss our regular group. We did find a spot along the creek to bush wack down and get wet for a bit.

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