Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time to get serious......

Okay... with that said..... here is a list of races I'm aiming to complete. This should keep me more focused and on track with the training.

June 20th (22 miler Trail Race in Chattanooga)

June 21st (Road Race / Cycling MAYBE)

June 28th (a good wake up call with a sprint)

July 5th (Road Race / Cycling just north of Chattanooga)

July 13th (Big hometown race)

August 17th (this race rocks! I usually run trails after the event b/c it's so beautiful there! Good camping too) (Tri Fall Creek Falls)

August 23rd (Hometown Road Race / Cycling)

September 6th (Frantic Frog Triathlon / Sprint)

September 28th (this one is in Knoxville basically) (Atomic Man 1/2 Iron)

October 4th (Chattanooga Trail Race 50K)

January 26th (Alabama Trail Race 50K / Mountain Mist)

March (Land Between the Lakes Trail Race 50miler)

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