Sunday, May 18, 2008

Snakes alive......a great day in the woods.....

Today we ran on one of my favorite trails that we have also dubbed as the "Blue Hole Run". / This trail offers something for everyone. It's full of mining history, has rock ledges, a nice size creek, waterfalls, Rhododendron gardens, wildflowers and one of the largest blue holes I've ever seen!

The pace was nice on the run out to the blue hole. Once we got there 3 of our runners opted to jump in the ice cold water.....brrrr... After sticking my feet in I quickly decided that I would NOT be joining them. We enjoyed the scenery and jumped back on the trail for some more exploring. There are two campgrounds just beyond the blue hole and we went to check them out as we are seriously thinking about camping out there soon. When we arrived at the second one there were people there with tents and a fire. This spot was amazing as the waterfall right next the campground was flowing nicely. See pictures above (first one on top is the one I'm referring to). After our climb out and back onto the main trail we picked up the pace and raced back to the car. It was so much fun downhilling most of the way back and dodging rocks. Oh... and did I mention we ran right past 3 snakes!?

Wow.... what a nice way to spend the morning! Also... check out the picture of the man standing on the rock..... That's Sergio.... he is like 70 years old! I hope I'm able to enjoy life just half as much as him at that age!

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