Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scenic City Half Trail Marathon & Half

Saturday morning Trey, myself and Cat lined up for the Scenic City Trail Half Marathon. http://www.rockcreek.com/trailmarathon/ The day started already HOT. During the first mile or two I thought I was going to combust into flames. After a while I settled in, but it was still really HOT. My legs had zero power the entire race. I'm not sure if it's because I'm recovering from Ironman or if it was more to blame on riding the night before to Nightfall from home and back. Who knows....... very frustrating nonetheless.

Trey and I crossed the finish line in 2:11. Nowehere as close as we've turned that exact same loop over in the past. Cat however......Shocked us all and completed her race 30minutes sooner than we expected! Sergio and I had run back to meet her on the course and ran into her way before we thought we would. GO CAT!

I guess it's time to get serious again. I've been so non-commital and lax about training since Ironman! Time to set some goals and train like I know I can and should.

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