Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What friends are for...... 38 days and counting.....

So today was yet another fun-filled day of multiple workouts. I managed to sneak to the gym after lunch to put in my hour of core/strength training and then quickly hit the pool for an hour of torcher...... And OH NO..... it didn't just stop there....... Tonight I headed to the track for a workout I've been dreading all week.

For tonight's workout I decided to call in some "back-up" to keep me mentally alive so I wouldn't try to cheat any. So.... who better to push me along? Joey Howe and Kevin (The Missle) Boucher! I told Joey he might need to break out "Mean Joey" during the workout to boost me along. Luckily...... "Mean Joey" didn't have to rear his ugly head! We started out with a 10min warm-up and then went into 4 x 20sec strides with 30sec walk and 30sec jog between sets. After this it was 1mile x 4 at Zone 4 (YIKES) with 30sec walk and 1min jog between sets. OHHH that last mile DID NOT come soon enough for me. Sure it was just a lil ole easy run for them, but it was the first speed workout I've done in way over a year! I survived.... somehow.... Thank-god. Thanks to Joey and Kevin for coming out and giving that extra is much appreciated.
With 38 days till race day I've got to keep positive thoughts and stay strong (physically and mentally) through my remaining workouts. It's almost here.

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WarKitty said...

You can do it! You're tough physically and mentally. You'll not only stay strong through these last days, you'll own them.