Sunday, March 2, 2008

Testing out the new TT helmet.... 42 Days and counting....

Well... the weekend is almost officially over. It was yet...another full one indeed. The spring-like weather yesterday and today was fantastic.... leaving me yearning to see more of it. Here is a rundown of the weekend:

Saturday -
Decided to sleep in for a bit this morning as my body felt like it could use the extra sleep. This meant I would miss the group ride, but that was okay. I ended up leaving out at 10:00am for a 4 hour ride solo on the TT bike and opted to wear the NEW TT helmet (Thank-you John Karr). Hey.... gotta try it out sometime.....right? It worked great and I could actually tell a difference with the nasty headwind that started to kick-up about an hour in. After returning home from my ride I came in changed and headed out for my 1:10 run. It was miserable for the first 30mins or so, but after that my legs gave in and said "okay...okay.....we're good now".

I was scheduled to run 2:50-3:00.... so I met a group on Lookout Mtn for some trail running. We did the Big Daddy loop and added on some extra and ran around Reflection Riding at the base of the mountain. After the run we all grabbed some food and Trey and I headed up to meet my parents and kids for a hike on the Cumberland Trail (Rock Creek Segment). This probably added another 5 miles or so to the amount I had already run this morning. It truly was a great way to "shake" the legs out too. A good solid day of training.

I've included some pictures from the weekend above.

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