Monday, March 10, 2008

The end of a tough week.....35 days and counting..... today is an "off" day, but more importantly a rest week! God knows I need it after last week. Here is a run down of the weekend:

Saturday -
More cold weather meant working out indoors. First I hit the gym and jumped onto the treadmill for an easy hour..... Then I jumped into the pool for a bit followed by some light stretching. After I got home I forced myself to get onto the trainer for 3 hours. I'm SOOO over riding on the trainer!

A tough say the least..... I think I hit a "wall" in my training. First... my riding plans were delayed due to very cold temperatures. I did not get on the road till 12:00. This meant my ride would be cut short by an hour. I rode for a total of 5 hours and struggled basically the entire time. I do not know what the problem was! My hear rate wasn't jacked...... it was my legs.....they had zero power! Toward the end....each pedal stroke was complete agony. Once I got back home I stopped at the end of my driveway and walked my bike up. Trey saw me coming as he happend to see me in the window. He met me in the driveway and asked if I was okay. Pretty bad when it's that obvious.....ugh? I threw my bike down and sat on the front porch in tears as I couldn't explain why I was in so much misery. What the crap?

I am hopeful that rest week will leave me feeling better. There aren't any REALLY bad workouts till Saturday and Sunday. Now let's see if I'm recovered and ready by then.

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