Sunday, March 30, 2008

15 days and counting.....

It's getting close! Only 15 days till raceday. With that said.... this weekend has not been too bad in the way of workouts. I'm focusing on rest and taper till the 13th.

Saturday Trey and I ran the River Gorge Trail Race together. We were not sure what to expect since we awoke to hard rain showers, but nonetheless..... decided to head on up the mountain. The skies broke just enough so we were able to run the race without getting too wet. Since I am on "taper"...... the run was relaxing and fairly easy for the most part. I did have to stop once and let my heart rate drop. Coach Carole was in the back of my head saying "only zone 1-2 efforts today..... slow down!"...... so I did. I found myself wanting to chuck the HR monitor into a creek at times and just run the way I wanted. It was hard to back off and take it easy, but I know this was not the race I've been training for. After the run I came back home and jumped onto the trainer for an hour. WOW..... what a short day!

Sunday was nice as we started off the day by taking Xian to his FIRST race ever! He participated in the Pioneer Challenge Duathlon. HE LOVED IT! It was so much fun to watch the little guys out there (pictures coming soon). After we stopped for some lunch.... I came home and did some house chores and jumped on the trainer for a while. The bike is dialed in and will be shipping out on Monday or Tuesday to the folks at .


Robin said...

Hey Dreama,
Robin Fazio here; your former neighbor and friend. My wife and I recently moved back to Cahttanooga, and I'm teaching Spanish at Baylor.
El Yunque is beautiful, isn't it? My wife Maria is from Puerto Rico, and we try to go once or twice a year to visit her family.
Drop me a line if you get the chance, and good luck with the Ironman.
Taek care,

Dreama said...

So good to hear from you! I just e-mailed you.