Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slowly coming back from the dead......

Well... It's Wednesday and I've been sick since about 11:00 Sunday night..... I mean REALLY, REALLY sick. At first I thought I just had some bloating from foods I had eaten that day, but about an hour later...... it all came up. First it was projectile vomitting......then diarreaha. This lasted until the next day. Trey came down with it shortly after put us both out of commission. Not good. It's tough to take care of a 4 year old when both parents are sick as dogs! Monday I felt as if someone had taken a beaseball bat to every bone on my body. I was HURTING.....every joint, muscle and bone. I so desperately wanted to drink fluids, but every time I tried it would send me to the toilet in one form or fashion.....neither one was pretty. Yesterday I was able to keep down some liquids and very little food, but was a better day. Today I did manage to get myself into work for a few hours and get some quotes out so this made me feel a bit more productive. The real question is..... How is this gonna play into the Ironman training schedule. Is this gonna hurt me? I hope not. I'm planning to take today as another "get well" day and hope I will be able to get some time in on the trainer tomorrow night.

Wish me well!

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