Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rain rain go away.....57 days and counting.....

Well.... today's rain put a serious "damper" on the training schedule. I was due a 6 hour ride.... and for those of you who train some on a trainer.... know that 6 hours on a trainer is not possible. Needless to say I had to improvise. Trey and I headed out this morning for 1:05 of running. We knew the rain was coming and before we were 10 minutes into the run the sky broke loose..... It didn't stop us though. After we got back I hopped on the trainer and did 2 hours straight.... stoppped for a bit and ran some errands.... then came back and hit it for another hour. 3 hours total on the trainer in a day.... that's a record for me!

Yesterday I was able to get in a 4:30 ride. I went by myself and ventured to Mountain Cove and back from my house. It was a good day for me on the TT bike...... great weather..... felt strong and held a nice seady fast pace the whole ride. I can only wish to have such a good day on race day. Once home..... I grabbed a quick bite and headed out on a 2:15 hike in the woods with my family in preparation for our trip to the Grand Canyon. I am hoping that hiking some with them before our trip to Arizona will leave them ready for the 10 mile hike into the Canyon after I complete Ironman. Above are some pictures from our hike..... including a picture of an unexpected critter (an Eastern Hognosed Snake) on the trail for this time of year.

Tomorrow is a rest I plan to rest up for the tough training week ahead of me!

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