Monday, February 11, 2008

The Countdown Begins..... 63 days out....

Well... it's getting closer... the big day that is. April 13th will be here in no time and the workouts have gotten insanely crazy! This past week was week 3 of build....whew..... Thank god for rest weeks (this week)... even if it wouldn't really justify as a "rest week" in the real world!

Yesterday was a 3.5 hour trail run with great company and beautiful weather. A group of us ran the Cumberland Trail (Soddy Creek Segment). I got to spend some time with one of my favorite people.... Kevin Boucher. He played nice and ran a much slower pace and kept me company. Most of the group split off and went back a bit earlier, but I needed to get the time in and go the distance so Kevin went with me. I've included some pictures from our run above.

Saturday was my "long ride" day.... so.... myself, Cat and Karen decided we would ride from our houses to downtown Chickamauga to the Vixens Time Trial. We were also excited to attend this since we knew professional cyclist Nathan O'Neil would be there! We arrived on our bikes and did a warm-up lap and then did 2 laps as the actual time trial. After we were done we chatted with Nathan (who is a super nice and down to earth person) for a bit and had our picture made with him. And YES.... once I have the picture IT WILL be posted on here! I think I ended up with like 4.5 hours for ride time. Opted not to swim since I had a hacking cough and wasn't feeling top notch in fear that it might have made me sicker. Hopefully missing that workout won't make or break me!

Today I am enjoying an OFF DAY. Looks like I'll be getting every Monday off for the next month. Wow.... that's good to know that'll I'll have an off day every week!

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