Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ahhhhh....Day 156......

Ahhhh.... Tomorrow is an OFF DAY! Yipee!

Today I rode for 5.5 hours. I was scheduled to do 6 hours, but due to time constraints 5.5 was all I could put in. It felt fine for the first 4.5 hours and then I started feeling all the self inflicted damage put on the ole legs over this whole week..... Especially the past 2-3 days....maybe the rain didn't help any toward the end of today's ride either. My coach loaded this week out with plenty of "speed work" sessions on both the bike and running. My legs have had lactic acid in them about all week because of this! Not sure what this is gonna accomplish, but I have faith in my coach. Damn..... I can't wait to show up for a group ride and actually have fresh legs -or- are those days gone till after Ironman? When I tell those I ride with about my 20-22 hour training weeks they look at me with a blank look like they don't get it. Oh well.... sympathy is hard to find sometimes! : )

Yesterday I rode for 4 hours and promtly got off the bike and ran for 1:10. The running was tougher than usual for me. Guess that all stems back to the heavy training week of both volume and "speed work" type workouts?

Can't wait to do absolutely NOTHING tomorrow.... it's gonna be great!

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